Saturday, 21 January 2012

Youtube Partnership and the near future

Hey Everyone,
first of, I wanted to let you all know that I just got Youtube partner!!!! Pretty awesome. I was able to get it after just 7 months on youtube.  So, what does this mean??? It means that any money I make (which probably will not be too much) will definitely be going to painting more models with perhaps better quality tutorials in the future. Second, I wanted to thank all of you AWESOME people out there for watching my videos and reading my blog. You not only inspire and motivate me, you have made me reach my goal of getting partner (once again... not for the money) unbelievably fast.  YOU are AMAZING and I cannot thank you enough.

I also wanted to address the lack of tutorials in the last few weeks. I am actually currently working on two tutorials at the moment; A cygnar Stormblade and the Necron HQ Trazyn the Infinite. HOwever, I recently ran into problems with the battery for the camera I use for my tutorials. Once I get the replacement for it, I will definitely finish up these two tutorials and post them quickly.

Once again, thanks for everything and I will be posting soon.


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