Monday, 4 July 2011

Grey Knight Paladins (Work in Progress)

Hey Everyone,

One of my current painting projects is an 1850 Grey Knight Paladin Army. Here are some pictures of the first squad of 5 that I am working on. I will be posting a painting tutorial, showing how I painted these guys in the upcoming week or so. Hope you like them.

Almost finished Grey Knight Paladin with Demon Hammer
Paladin with Warding Stave
Basic Paladin with two-handed Force Halberd
Paladin Apothecary
Paladin with Banner and Demon Head

So, as you can see, I have painted the silver armour, golds, reds and most of the scrolls/purity seals. I hope to have these guys done soon (just waiting for my new airbrush to come in to finish up the force weapons).  I will post pics of the finished squad when they are done. I will post my second squad work in progress tomorrow.


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