Friday, 22 July 2011

Steps to Being a Better Miniature Painter – Part 8

Colour Primers

Hey Everybody,
My post today is about Colour Primers.  I was asked yesterday by someone on my youtube channel when is it better to use a coloured primer (e.g. blue or green) as opposed to the standard white or black. 

I personally do not use colour primers, though I have nothing against them. In fact, I will probably use a blue primer when I start painting my Cygnar Faction for Warmachine.  So, I will begin with the pros of using coloured primers. First, they are EXCELLENT when you are painting models that are predominantly a single colour.  For example, if you are painting Ultramarines, or Cygnar warjacks, a blue primer will save you A LOT of time. I also know people who use green to base Orks, then use a simple wash and highlight to finish the skin. Once again, this will save you time, especially if you are painting a ton of Orks. 

A down side to using colour primers is you must ensure that they go on evenly when priming.  If not, the final product may not look amazing, or will require another base coat, removing the time advantage you get from priming with a colour primer. Secondly, colour primers can be Expensive. Therefore, I would not recommend purchasing them, unless you are sure you have enough guys to prime that you will get your monies worth (e.g. several squads of ork boyz or marines). Otherwise, they may go to waste.

When using colour primers, make sure you:

1) Lay down an even base coat with the primer
2) Give the model a wash, to give some shading and colour variation
3) Give the model at least one or two highlights with lighter colours. This will really make the details POP on the model. Plus, it will save you alot of time without anyone being able to tell. 

Thanks for reading and talk to you soon


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