Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My First Citadel Finecast Miscast Experience

Hey Everyone,

you read correctly. This week, I got my first miscast for the new citadel Finecast Range. However, to be fair, this is my fifth finecast model, so 1 for 5 is not the worst. Here is a picture of my Librarian in Terminator Armour's Warding Stave:

 As you can see, the cords are completely toast, with a HUGE chunk missing. However, the rest of the model is looking great:

However, I did not get upset. I just called the GW people, and explained them the situation. I must say, this dude was the nicest customer representative I have EVER spoken with. He did not question my claim in the least. He only asked me for the problem, the batch number and where I purchased it from. In fact, while he was filling out the report, he even asked me a few questions about my army and we spoke for a minute or so about the game. In the end, he told me that a new Librarian is on the way to my house free of charge and will be at my house either late this week or early next week. Plus, I get to keep my original one with the miscast. That is actually pretty sweet!!! Seeing as it is only the warding stave, I should be able to convert him to hold a halberd or sword (as the Grey Knights Codex gives at base cost). So, I get two models for the price of one, and had nothing but a great experience with the GW people. So, as in my review, I am not too worried about miscasts. If they are tiny, we can easily deal with them and if they are large, GW replaces them free of charge with very few questions asked.

So, I will be posting pictures of my new librarian model when he arrives. Hopefully everything works out. 

Talk to you soon.


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