Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My First Citadel Finecast Miscast Experience - Part 2

Hey Everyone,

so, last week, I wrote how I got a miscast on my terminator Librarian model. So, on monday, I called up GW, and after speaking with an AWESOME customer rep, they sent me a new model. So, it took only 4 days to ship from the states to here in Canada. Here is a picture of the new model they sent me:

 After checking out the new model, I new that this one is in much better condition than the original. However, the original is still pretty decent. So, now I have 2 Finecast Librarians for the price of 1. Not a bad deal in the end. 

So, though the quality was not neccessarily there for the first model, I did get a new model free of cost and now have 2 hqs. Therefore, my overall experience was positive and I am just as positive regarding GW products as I was when I made my finecast review. I know some of you do not like GW sometimes, and though I can definitely understand, I feel you cannot beat the way they deal with these kind of problems.

Thanks for reading.



  1. hey its megababybuddha from youtube, the first finecast model i bought was a dark eldar archon and it had a miscast, unlike you i went back into the shop to ask them about it and they gave me a free model 2 ofcourse i changed my mind to play with orcs so it was kinda pointless, but i managed to sell my un-miscasted model on ebay for 16 pounds.....bonus!!!

  2. @megababybuddha: Thanks for the comment. That's awesome!!! 16 pounds never hurts. Orks are more fun anyway, :)