Sunday, 7 August 2011

Weekly Painting Challenge - Week 1, Sunday Update

Hey Everyone,

so, I have been painting like crazy, and the result... I actually completed my challenge to paint an entire 10-man paladin squad in 1 week. To summarize, I actually felt that this challenge gave me the extra motivation I needed to finish this squad. Well, here are the pictures:

Two Grey Knight Paladins with Halberds

Two Grey Knights with Psycannons

Grey Knight Paladins with Force Sword and Daemon Hammer
Grey Knight Paladins with Force Halberd and Falchions
Grey Knight Paladin with Brotherhood Banner
Close up of Grey Knight Paladin Brotherhood Banner

Grey Knight Paladin with Warding Stave

Well, thats it. I will be starting a new challenge next week. So, stay tuned.

Thanks for reading.


Army Painting Breakdown:
First squad of 10 Paladins - Complete
Second squad of 10 Paladins - Complete
Hq 1 - Draigo - Unassembled
Hq 2 - Librarian - Unassembled
Elite - Vindicare Assassin - Unassembled

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