Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Weekly Painting Challenge - Week 4, Monday/Wednesday Update

Hey Everyone,

sorry for the delayed update. I will once again be giving myself a weekly painting challenge, which should keep me on track for my painting goals. As mentioned last week, I would love it if you would like to join in, and give yourself a weekly painting challenge. Feel free to post your challenge in the comments section below. Remember, you do not have to give yourself anything extreme. If you paint even a model or two a week, you would be surprised how quickly you end up with a finished army. 

So, my challenge to myself this week is to finish my 2000 point Grey Knight list with a Vindicare Assassin. Here are "before" pictures (of its current state):

As you can see above, it is just assembled. Well, that is my weekly challenge for myself. I will be posting pictures throughout the week, stating my progress on my weekly challenge. 
Thanks for reading and I will be posting more soon.


Army Painting Breakdown:
First squad of 10 Paladins - Complete
Second squad of 10 Paladins - Complete
Hq 1 - Draigo - Complete
Hq 2 - Librarian - Complete
Elite - Vindicare Assassin - Assembled

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